LISA BEFORE--skin tone too warm? un-natural? 

LISA AFTER v3 - color temp negative 4

 LISA AFTER v4, color temp negative 8

LISA AFTER v4, color temp negative 8

CATIE Before - shiny forehead

CATIE AFTER - reduced highlight, but left some because completely eliminating it looked un-natural, forehead looked too smooth (even though it still had texture)

GINA BEFORE-- highlights look oily

GINA AFTER/ Reduced highlights. Also did a CRUDE quick and dirty job on the background which shows through the hair so ignore those changes. just focus on the face.


MANISHA AFTER--MODIFIED IN PHOTOSHOP USING SHADOW/HIGHLIGHT ADJUSTMENT, CHANGED HIGHLIGHTS, TONE, COLOR, ETC. I originally tried brush tool to eliminate the highlights but her skin looked artifically smooth using that approach.