Newborn Photography Base Package - $750


Consultation provided to discuss desired photo styles and poses for the photo session, plus to review logistics for the day of the photo shoot. This starts with my sending you a web questionnaire and a Photo Session preparation guide then is followed up with a phone call.


3 Hour onsite photo shoot, with multiple setup options, including:

  • newborn only

  • newborn + sibling

  • newborn + each parent

  • newborn + both parents

  • newborn + family


  • Delivery of images for your review via proofing.benkophotography.com with ability for you to leave comments on each image to direct image selection and retouching. Images have basic but not final edits at this stage.

  • Delivery of final edited images via proofing.benkophotography.com. Web and print resolution images can be downloaded, favorited, or shared.

  • Images will be hosted at proofing.benkophotography.com for 2 years

  • Prints can be ordered directly from proofing.benkophotography.com (additional cost), and/or you can download print resolution files so you can make your own prints

  • Granting of usage rights to you to reproduce the photos for personal, non-commercial use. Copyright for the images is retained by the photographer.

  • Invoice will be submitted to you upon delivery of final images. Payment terms is 30 days.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or No Charge

If you are not satisfied with the images, you can either schedule one reshoot at no additional cost or decline delivery (do not download, screenshot, print or otherwise capture any of the images) and you will not be charged.

Optional Fees

  • If you have complex retouch requests (e.g., copy the head from one photo into another photo), I will provide a quote for those specific requests.

  • If travel is required beyond reach of the MTA subway, or the amount of equipment and props needed for the shoot cannot be carried practically on the subway, and/or time to travel exceeds 45 minutes one way, I will add a travel cost to the quote.